Certified Natural Orangy Pink Padparadscha 帕帕拉恰

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Certified Natural Orangy Pink Padparadscha

Padpardscha sapphire is rare verity of corundum Family. In Sri lanka, We called ” king sapphire ” for this special veriety in Corundum Family. The name Drive’s from the sinhalese word “padmaraga” ” පද්මරාග” , meaning lotus blossom, as the stone is of a similar colour to the lotus blossom.
All sapphires are called ” stone of the wisdom” but, Padpardscha sapphire gets special place of that meaning.
It honor the higher mind, bringing intuition, clarity and self-mastery.  Padparadscha Sapphires are highly activating and purifying to the Sacral Chakra, or Second Chakra, located below the naval and above the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis. It controls the flow of energy and is the center of gravity of the body. It is the center of the Life Force of the body, and controls the flow of information from the body to the mind and from the mind to the body. Padparadscha’s pink color energy also stimulates the Heart Chakra located near the center of the breastbone.

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Certified Natural Orangy Pink Padparadscha

Colour : Orangy Pink

Shape : Oval

Weight : 0.67 Cts

Dimension : 5.9 x 4.2 x 2.9 mm

Treatment : Heated

Clarity : VS

• CSL – Colored Stone Laboratory Certified
( GIA Alumina Association Member )

• CSL Memo No : B55F7D335455


重量 : 0.67 卡拉

尺寸 : 5.9 x 4.2 x 2.9 mm

颜色 : 粉色橙色

透明 : 好透明

形状 : 椭圆形

清晰度 : VS

治疗: 加热




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