Welladura, Kahawatta, Ratnapura, Sri Lanka
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Gem Hunting & Relaxing in Gem City

Treasure Hunting and Relaxing in Gem City

Day 1 Morning

Visit gem mines, self mining experience and find treasures (Gemstones) hidden inside the soil/ground.

Gemstones mining sri lanka

Day 1 Evening

Visit waterfalls,bath in natural water streams coming through The World Heritage Rainforest Sinharaja with fish therapy.

Healing water from Sinharaja Rain Forest

Day 2 Morning

Practical gemmology lessons and visit world famous daily gem fairs to purchase and see rough gemstones.

Sri Lanka Gem Market - World famous gem fair

Day 2 Evening

Visit gemstones cutting factory, do self cutting and polishing process.

Gem Cutting Sri Lanka Cutting Factory
Gem Cutting Factory Sri Lanka. Visit us, see how we cutting rough stones for your fine jewelleries.