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Purple Sapphire – Calm colour in Corundum family

all information about purple sapphire gemstone

Purple sapphire is a very calm and natural attractive color gem variety in the Corundum family. It’s a very popular color variety among gem lovers because of its calm color. Now, The gem is used for engagement rings and other jewelry than in past decades. As a precious gem variety, It has good value in the gemstone market than other purple color gem varieties.

Color choices are very different from person to person. Some people prefer dark colors while some prefer light colors and vibrant colors. Gemstones are precious products of nature, It’s unique and has own beauty. Purple sapphire also can be found in different color ranges from light purple to deep purple.

Also, purple sapphire is very popular for women’s rings because of its eye-catching purple color. However, many women love the color purple. Also, because sapphire is a precious gem, it is highly recognized in the society for high jewelry.

Purple sapphire symbolizes loyalty, love, modesty, spirituality, Calmness, higher mind, intuition, self-mastery. According to astrology, like blue sapphires, purple sapphires are also the gemstones recommended for Saturn. Also, its is suitable for those who have the sign of Virgo. It is believed to be suitable for wearing on the middle finger of the right hand or working hand. People born in September can wear purple sapphire. Also purple sapphire is believed to help stimulate the crown chakra.

Sri Lanka is one of the best sources of producing high-grade purple sapphire. Also, Sapphire deposits are found in Eastern Australia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Madagascar, Greenland, East Africa, and in North America in mostly in Montana.The presence of vanadium or chromium is what gives it its purple color. Sapphire Crystal system is a Trigonal crystal system with hexagonal scalenohedral crystal class. Sapphire hardness is 9 according to the Mohs hardness scale with 4.0~4.1 specific gravity. Purple sapphires are more expensive than green and yellow sapphires and less expensive than blue sapphires.

Natural Purple Star Sapphire from Sri Lanka with Colour shifting effect from purple to pink - Danu Group Gemstones Collections

Purple sapphire also can be found with star effect. Star sapphires exhibit a special optical phenomenon called asterism. Asterism is caused by small needle-like inclusions of the mineral rutile Star Sapphire gives a very unique feel when compared with other gemstones. Star Sapphire can be seen as 6 stars and 12 stars. 12-star sapphire is very uncommon. When you see a star sapphire under the light source, the asterism effect of its star movement is very impressive. That’s why many people like a star sapphire.

Author: Nalin Danushka

Images: All images from Danu Group Gemstones Collection

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