Ceylon Natural Red Zircon


This Octagon shape Orangy-red zircon is found from direct mining in the city of gem Ratnapura Sri Lanka. Danu group is humbly pleased to be able to provide such precious gems to the customer directly from the source. Explore more with Danu Group Gemstones Collections!

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Ceylon Natural Red Zircon

Colour : Orangy-red
Weight: 2.28 Ct
Dimension: 7.10 x 6.00 x 4.90 mm
Shape: Octagon
Clarity: Clean
Quality Grade: Gem Quality (commercial grade)
Mining: Ratnapura Tunnel Mining
Species: Natural Zircon
Origin: Ratnapura, Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
Treatment : Natural/ Unheated
Certificate: CSL – Colored Stone Laboratory Certified ( Gemological Institute of America “GIA” Alumni Association Member )

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“Red Zircon” Ceylon Natural Orangy-red Zircon from Danu Group Gemstones Collection!

Zircon is one of the popular and durable gem variety with wide range of colours. Open Red colour is one of the unique and uncommon colour in zircon family. It’s also known as “Hycinth” or “jacinth”. Red is another unique colour choice of zircon family and open red colours are not seen often. Although not frequently talked about in the jewellery industry in recent decades, it has now become one of the most popular gemstones used for jewellery.

As the oldest gemstone on earth, it has very unique characteristics among other gem variety. It has amazing lustre when stone doesn’t have an oily body. The name “Matara Diamond” is also used for the white zircon found in the Matara area of ​​Sri Lanka due to its amazing lustre. Sri Lanka is one of the best natural zircon supplier to the world colour gem industry.

This Octagon shape Orangy-red zircon is found from direct mining in the city of gem Ratnapura Sri Lanka. Danu group is humbly pleased to be able to provide such precious gems to the customer directly from the source. Explore more with Danu Group Gemstones Collections!

Zircon is nesosilicates group mineral. Its corresponding chemical formula is ZrSiO4. The name derives from the Persian zargun, meaning “gold-hued”. Zircon is a popular gemstone that has been used for nearly 2000 years.

The crystal structure of zircon is a tetragonal crystal system with 7.5 hardness according to the Mohs Hardness scale. Zircon is also very resistant to heat and corrosion and known as Insoluble gemstone.

This Uniaxial (+) mineral Specific gravity is 4.6–4.7. It’s heavy more than such as Sapphire, chrysoberyl, Garnet, spinel. Gem Businessmen use these physical properties to identify zircons from other gemstones.

Zircon has weak pleochroism and has colours such as Colorless, Very Strong Blue To Green-Blue, Yellow, Blue-Green, Yellowish Green, Yellow-Green, Brown, Orangy Yellow To Reddish Orange, Dark Brownish Red, Sometimes Purple, Gray To Bluish Gray, Brownish Gray. Colourless specimens that show gem quality are a popular substitute for diamond and are also known as “Matara diamond” ( Matara diyamanthi ).

Some quality Type brown zircons can be transformed into colourless and blue zircons by heating to 800 to 1000 °C. also, Also, the selected magenta colours can be yellowed by zircon heat treatment, which in some cases can be as high in colour as a yellow sapphire

Zircon has been classified into three types called high zircon, intermediate zircon ( medium zircon ), and low zircon.

There are Some using names for Zircon such as Hyacinth or jacinth: yellow-red, orange, red-brown to brown, Jargoon or jargon: light yellow to colourless stones, Beccarite: green zircon, Melichrysos: straw yellow, Starlite: blue heat treated zircon, Sparklite: colourless zircon.

Zircon is found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Cambodia, Australia, Burma, Afghanistan, Canada, USA, Thailand, Russia, Mozambique, Norway, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Armenia, Argentina, Austria, Vietnam, South Korea, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Portugal, Peru, Oman, Pakistan, Nigeria, Nepal, Netherland, New Zealand, Namibia, Morocco, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Iraq, Irland, Indonesia, Hungary, Guyana, Greece, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Colombia, China.

Some Zircon also can be seen some colour shift under fluorescent and incandescent light. But it is not a strong colour change like colour changing alexandrite and colour changing garnet.

Zircon is the birthstone of December. It is also known as the stone of wisdom, honour, and wealth in relation to the month of December. The December birthstone is especially associated with blue zircon among other zircon colours.

Healing Properties 👇

Zircon is known as “The stone of virtue” All colours. It clears the auric negativity in the wearer and helps to communicate with the higher realm when in need. Zircon is very well known for its balancing and positive energy effects. It can attract happiness, prosperity and abundance to the wearer.

It will bring the spiritual energy down from the higher transpersonal chakras via the crown chakra, then move it to all of the lower chakras. Also, Zircon colour energies stimulate different chakras. Red ZirconBase Chakra, Orange ZirconRoot chakra, Yellow ZirconNavel Chakra, Green ZirconHeart Chakra, Blue ZirconThroat Chakra.

Green Zircon is also highly recommended and effective gemstone in ancient astrology for planetary gemstone of Mercury planet.

In astrology, It is believed to use to protect our body and mind both from the harmful energies. Zircon vibrational energies enhance clear thinking and help to reduce depression. In crystal healings, It is used for bones, muscles, vertigo, the liver, menstrual irregularity


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