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Sillimanite is an aluminosilicate mineral with the chemical formula Al2SiO5. Sillimanite is named after the American chemist Benjamin Silliman (1779–1864). It was first described in 1824 for an occurrence in Chester, Middlesex County, Connecticut, US. It’s well known to gem collectors and highly prized because of its great scarcity. It is Orthorhombic crystal system mineral […]

Bi-color Sapphire – Wedding Stone

Yellow and blue colors are very interesting colors in the Sapphire family. Yellow Sapphire is yellow color variety of corundum Family and called as “pushparaga“. The names derived from Sinhalese Sanskrit word. Blue Sapphire is also a very valuable and popular stone in the corundum family. When Both colors have in one stone separately, It’s […]

Bi-Color Spinel Octahedron Crystal

Natural Bi-Color Spinel Crystal Sri Lanka Ceylon Natural Bi-Color Spinel Crystal from Alluvial Gem Deposit. It was bit deep color but, Inside Color is really nice. It is 5.05 Cts weight transported octahedron crystal from Rakwana, Sri Lanka. Spinel is the magnesium-aluminum member of the larger spinel group of minerals with chemical formula MgAl₂O₄. Spinel is […]

Rare Crystal Type Sixling, CEYLON Natural Chrysoberyl Crystal

An interesting feature of Chrysoberyl crystals is the cyclic twins called trillings. ( sixling ). It can be found only one among millions of gemstones. This complete “sixling” crystal has been found from the city of gem Ratnapura, Sri Lanka Mining Type: Underground mining with tunnels Gem Deposit: Alluvial Gem Deposit Found: Danu Group Dimension: 12.5mm x 10mm x 5mm Type: Complete sixling Variety: Chrysoberyl Species: Chrysoberyl Complete Crystal This crystal is […]