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World Famous Rough Gem Market City Of Gem Ratnapura Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Gem Market - World famous gem fair

Ratnapura is a major city in Sri Lanka. It is the capital city of Sabaragamuwa Province, as well as the Ratnapura District, and is a traditional center for the Sri Lankan gem trade.
It is located on the Kalu Ganga in south-central Sri Lanka, about 101 km southeast of the country’s capital, Colombo.
The name ‘Ratnapura’ is a Sanskrit word meaning “city of gems, මැණික් නගරය “, from the Sanskrit words ” pura පුර” (town) and “රත්න ratna” (gemstone).

Most people of the town depends on the gem trade, gem mining. Gem pits common sites in the surrounding area.
Most large-scale gem businessmen of Sri Lanka operate from Ratnapura. There are considerable numbers of foreign gem traders in the city too who have recognized the value of the gems.

Among the foreign traders, Thai (Thailand) traders, Currently Chinese Traders are in the majority.
Every day, a large number of traders from suburbs and other towns gather in the town center to sell or buy gemstones, that places called ” abagahayata අඹ ගහ යට”, ” in front of Clock Tower” and ” demuwawatha”.

Most rough gemstones are buying and selling mostly In front of the clock tower and amba gaha yata ( අඹ ගහ යට). Demuwawatha is the place of gem cutting and finishes stones trading place.

Large-scale merchants collect gemstones from locals and sell them in the international market. Some traders go out of the city to buy gems. This includes neighboring towns like Kalawana, Bogawantalawa, Nivithigala, Heraniyawaka, and Ela-hera.


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