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Gemstones Formation – How gemstones are formed

There are below requirements for crystal to form 👇

  1. ingredients
  2. temperature
  3. pressure
  4. time
  5. space

In Gemstones Formation process mainly has 4 types

  1. Igneous Rocks
  2. Metamorphic Rocks
  3. Sedimentary Rocks
  4. Hydrothermal Rocks Igneous rocks are created with heat, deep within the Earth. Metamorphic rocks form when heat and pressure conditions change existing minerals into something new Sedimentary rocks form from deposits of sediment.

• Hydrothermal rocks are those rocks whose minerals crystallized from hot water or whose minerals have been altered by hot water passing through them

Examples 👇

  1. Igneous Rocks : Diamonds, Sapphire, Ruby
  2. Metamorphic Rocks : Sapphire, Ruby, Garnet, Spinel
  3. Sedimentary Rocks : Malachite, Opal
  4. Hydrothermal Rocks : Epidot, Dolamite, Malachite


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