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See ” How Gem Mining ” Get Real Experience

See ” How Gem Mining ” Get Real Experience



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We are supplying any kind of Gemstone whole around the world directly from the source.

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Mining on the island of Sri Lanka goes back at least 2000 years. We have our own heritage in the mining arena. Our island is called Gem Island & also “Ratna Dweepa” because of the large variety of gems found here.
To visit Sri Lanka is to experience one of the great gem sources and trading centers in the world. Traveling in Sri Lanka, you realize it is a large island with very diverse environments.
Gemstone mining in Sri Lanka is mostly from secondary deposits. The gravels yield sapphire, ruby, cat’s-eye, chrysoberyls, spinel, garnet, beryl, tourmaline, topaz, quartz, and many other gemstones. Besides the well-known Pangaea, which existed about 300 million years ago, there were several other supercontinents in Earth’s early history. Their assembly and breakup cycles helped form most of the world’s gem deposits. Some of these cycles are directly related to gem formation in Sri Lanka.

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