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Natural Fluorite rough Stone - Danu Group

Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride, CaF₂. It’s a cubic crystal system mineral with 4 Mohs according to the Mohs hardness scale. It belongs to the halide minerals

Flourite Crystals

Fluorite is found in colors such as Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Pink, Red, Brown, Orange. Pink, Blue and Color change fluorites are rare.

As physical properties, It can be seen Subconchoidal to uneven fractures and perfect cleavages in three-directions. Fluorite refractive index is 1.433–1.448 with 3.175–3.184 to 3.56 specific gravity. if stones have rare earth elements, specific gravity is high.

Fluorite can be found in USA, UK, Spain, Russia, Peru, Norway, Namibia, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Colombia, China, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, India, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Africa.

Natural Fluorite rough Stone - Danu Group

Diaphaneity: Transparent to translucent

Specific gravity: 3.175–3.184 ( 3.56 )

Optical properties: Isotropic ( weak anomalous anisotropism )

Refractive index: 1.433–1.448

Fusibility: 3

Solubility: slightly water-soluble and in hot hydrochloric acid

Cleavage: Octahedral, perfect on {111}, parting on {011}

Fracture: Subconchoidal to uneven

Tenacity: Brittle

Twinning: Common

Crystal class: Hexoctahedral

Natural fluorite mineral is used for ornamentals, lapidary uses, optical telescopes, camera lens. It is also used as a window material for both infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths.

Fluorite Healing Properties

Fluorite absorbs negative energy. Its absorb power helps to neutralize stress. It’s also a very famous and useful stone among gemstone healers. It uses for meditation to balances chakras.

7 chakra and gemstones

Each colorwork with different chakras. Purple fluorite stimulates crown and third eye chakra. Blue fluorite stimulates throat chakra. Yellow fluorite stimulates solar plexus chakra. Colorless fluorite stimulates the crown chakra and helps to re-energize aura. Green fluorite stimulates the heart chakra.

7 chakra and gemstones

Fluorite is a powerful Wind element stone to focus and concentration when you meditate. It increases our powers of concentration and self-confidence. It physically and mentally encourages positivity and balances the energies.


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